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On the 24th of November the FC Rubin (Kazan, Russia) tied the score with the FC Dynamo (Kyiv, Ukraine) in a football game of the UEFA Champions League Fifth Group Stage. Shortly before this event messages about the team from Kyiv not being pleased by a meeting in the International Airport of Kazan appeared in the Internet on www.sovsport.ru and www.championat.ru web-sites.

On “The Soviet Sport” web-site (www.sovsport.ru) the head of Rubin Alexander Aibatov commented on this situation “Our airport’s services offered Kyivers – either representatives of the football team or the Academservice Company, which was responsible for organizing Dynamo’s trip to Kazan – to pay for VIP-services and if they did they would have had pretty much the same that we had in Kyiv. They refused, probably Academservice or Dynamo decided to save some money” Mister Aibatov also added that “The FC Rubin was not at all involved into Kyiv delegation’s meeting”

Academservice has been professionally organizing visits of different sport teams and world famous celebrities for over 9 years. All possible in this situation services regarding meeting and accommodation of the Dynamo Club were offered to the management of the club by Academservice representatives.

The letter received from Rivaz Chokhonelidze, the General Director of the FC Dynamo (Kyiv), to Evgueni Lipets, the Vice President of Academservice, said “Greeting and farewell ceremonies of our team members and VIP-guests in the airport, accommodation in the Mirazh Hotel, food and conference services in the hotel, transportation provided with minibuses and cars – everything was organized according to our requests with a traditionally high level of professionalism peculiar to your company. All additional requests were fully satisfied by your company at a very high lever”.

Mr. Chokhonelidze also added that “we confirm again, that our club does not lay any claims to Academservice” and declared his willingness to recommend our company’s services to other sport clubs.

The Academservice Company would like to thank Rivaz Chokhonelidze the General Director of the FC Dynamo (Kyiv) for all the good words about our company and hopes to continue further cooperation.

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