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Заводоуковска Hotels (Tyumen region)


Name: Zavodoukovsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+5

Population: 0,025 million (2014)

Founded in: 1729

Climate: mild

Average temperature: -19°C to -8°C in winter, 11°C to 24°C in summer

Area code: +7 (34542)

Train stations: Zavodoukovskaya

Bus stations: Zavodoukovsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: St. George Church

Statues and memorials: Perevozkin Brothers, V.I. Lenin, Lenin and Gorky, Zavodoukovsk Rural Workers, Internationalist Soldiers, Fallen in the Struggle for Soviet Power, Fallen during the Civil War, Fallen during the Great Patriotic War

Museums: Local History Museum

Natural sites and parks: Kolmakovskiy Park, "Padunskiy" Nature Monument

Sports venues and clubs: "Ritm" Sports Club, "Sosnovyi Bor" Winter Sports Centre

Performance sites: Culture Palace, Mashinostroiteley Culture Centre, "Ritm" Culture Centre

Restaurants of national cuisine: Ochag (Russian, European)

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