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Name: Vilnius

Country: Lithuania

Time zone: GMT +3 / +2 (sum./win.)

Area: 401 sq km

Population: 0,539 million (2011)

Founded in: 1323

Climate: moderately continental

Average temperature: -1°C to -8°C in winter, +10°C to +24°C in summer

Area code: +370

Airports: Vilnius

Train stations: Vilnius

Bus stations: Vilnius

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Theotokos Cathedral, St.Paraskeva Church, St.Nicholas Church, Holy Spirit Church; Catholic: St. Stanislaus and St.Vladislaus Cathedral, St.Anna Church, St.Catherine Church, St.Michael Church, St.Casimir Church, St.Therese Church, St.Nicholas Church, St.Francis of Assisi Church, Sts.John the Baptist and John the Evangelist Church, Holy Spirit Church and Dominican Monastery, Holy Trinity Church and Basilian Monastery, Holy Cross Church, All Saints Church, Lord Ascension Church; Choral Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Old Town, Vilnius University Complex, Gediminas Tower, Cathedral Square, Town Hall Square, Town Hall, Gate of Dawn, Radziwill Palace, Chodkiewicz Palace, Presidential Palace, St.Knut’s Guild, Uzhupis Republic, Three Crosses

Statues and memorials: Prince Gediminas , King Mindaugas, A.Mickiewicz, J.Montwi , P.Cvirka, S.Moniuszko, Lazdynu Peleda, J.Zemaite, Uzupis Angel, F.Zappa

Museums: Lithuania National Museum, Lithuania National Art Museum, Applied Art Museum, Lithuanian National Gallery, Amber Museum, Theatre, Music and Cinematography Museum, Genocide Victims Museum, Vilnius University Museum, Vilna Gaon State Jewish Museum, A.Pushkin Literature Museum, Church Cultural Legacy Museum, Trakai Castle (Trakai, 30 km from Vilnius)

House-Museums of: A.Mitskevich, K.Varnelis, Maria and Jurgio Slapelis, B.Grinceviciute, V. Mykolaitis-Putinas, A.Venclova, M.Ciurlionis

Theatres: Lithuanian National Opera and Ballet Theatre, Lithuanian National Drama Theatre, Lithuanian Russian Drama Theatre, State Small Theatre, Oskaro Korsunovo Theatre, Lithuanian State Youth Theatre, Old Town Theatre, Lele Youth Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Kalnai Park, Pavilniai Park, Vingio Park, Sereikiskiai Park, Verkiai Park, Europe Park (Joneikiskiu village, 20 km from Vilnius), Trakai National Park (Trakai, 30 km from Vilnius)

Expo centres: Litexpo

Sports venues and clubs: Zalgiris Stadium (FC Zalgiris), Vetra Stadium (FC Vetra), Siemens Arena (BC Lietuvos Rytas), Pramogu Arena (JHC Baltica)

Performance sites: Lithuanian National Philharmonic Hall, Vilnius Congress Palace

Entertainment sites: Planetarium

Restaurants of national cuisine: Lithuanian: Lokys, Marceliukas Kletis, Zemaiciu Smukle, Berneliu Uzeiga, Cili Kaimas, Forto Dvaras, Graf Zeppelin

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