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Удомли Hotels (Tverskaya region)


Name: Udomlya

Country: Russia

Region: Tver Region

Time zone: UTC+3

Population: 0,029 million (2015)

Founded in: 1478

Climate: mild continental

Area code: +7 (48255)

Train stations: Udomlya

Bus stations: Udomlya

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Prince Vladimir Equal to the Apostles Cathedral, St. Varus Chapel, Panteleimon the Healer Chapel-Church; Protestant: Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church

Statues and memorials: A.S. Popov, O.G. Makarov

Museums: Local History Museum, "Chaika" Dacha

Theatres: "Debut" Studio Theatre

Sports venues and clubs: "Energetik" Stadium (FC "Energetik"), Kalinin NPP Sports and Fitness Complex

Performance sites: Culture Palace, "Orphey" City Leisure Centre

Entertainment sites: "Panorama" Cinema, "Platinum" Nightclub, "Antares" Citcus, "Lika" Family Leisure Centre, "Zvezdnyi" City Youth Centre

Restaurants of national cuisine: Staryi Gorod, Radezh (Russian), Potenza (Italian, Japanese)

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