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Красноярска Hotels (Krasnoyarsk region)


Name: Krasnoyarsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT+7

Area: 353,9 sq km

Population: 0,980 million (2011)

Founded in: 1628

Climate: extremely continental

Average temperature: -8°C to -19°C in winter, +12°C to +24°C in summer

Area code: +7 (391)

Airports: Emelyanovo

Train stations: Krasnoyarsk

Ports: river terminal (Enisey river)

Bus stations: Krasnoyarsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Annunciation Church, Intercession Church, Trinity Church, Paraskeva Pyatnitsa Chapel; Catholic: Holy Transfiguration of Our Lord Church; Muslim: Cathedral Mosque; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Nobility Assembly, Enlightenment House, V.Gadalova Manor, M.Zelmanovich House

Statues and memorials: V.Surikov, V.Lenin, N.Rezanov, A.Chekhov, Archbishop Luke, Triumphal Arch, Red Square, Military Units Formed in Krasnoyarsk Needle, Great Patriotic War Memorial Complex

Museums: Culture and History Museum Complex, Krasnoyarsk Territory Local Lore Museum, Surikov Art Museum, Astafyev Literature Museum, Nicholas the Holy Hierarch Steamboat-Museum, Victory Memorial History Museum, Krasnoyarye Modern Art Gallery, Central Siberia Geology Museum

House-Museums of: V.Surikov, P.Krasikov

Theatres: State Opera and Ballet Theatre, Pushkin Drama Theatre, Music Theatre, State Youth Theatre, Krasnoyarsk Territory Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Stolby State Nature Reserve, Royev Creek Wildlife Park, Central Park

Expo centres: City Exhibition Hall, Mix Max Exhibition and Business centre, Siberia International Exhibition and Business Centre

Sports venues and clubs: Central Stadium (FC Enisey), Enisey Stadium (Bandy Club Yenisey), Fakel Sports Complex (HC Sokol, JHC Krasnoyarskie Rysi) (Podgorny village, 30 km from Krasnoyarsk), Krasny Yar Stadium (RC Enisey-STM, RC Krasny Yar), Yarygin Yenisey Sports Palace (BC Enisey), Dvorkin House of Sports (VC Enisey Dorozhnik), Stroitel Sports Complex (WBC Krasnoyarochka), SportEx Extreme Sports Palace, Vetluzhanka Ski Stadium, Dynamo Biathlon Stadium, Krasnoye Koltso Race Track

Performance sites: Grand and Small Concert Hall, Harvestermakers Palace of Culture

Entertainment sites: Bobrovy Log Fun Park, Circus

Restaurants of national cuisine: Siberian: Khozyain Taygi, Cabinet, Chemodan, Gadalov

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