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Киселёвска Hotels (Kemerovo region)


Name: Kiselyovsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: UTC+7

Area: 160 sq. km

Population: 90 980 people (2017)

Founded in: 1917

Climate: continental

Average temperature: -20°C to -5°C in winter, 12°C to 24°C in summer

Area code: +7 (38464)

Train station: Kiselyovsk

Bus station: Kiselyovsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Sts. Peter and Paul Church, Mother of God Quick to Hearken Icon Church, St. Sergius of Radonezh Church, Holy Trinity Church; Muslim: Mosque; Buddhist: Diamond Way Karma Kagyu Lineage Buddhist Centre; Protestant: "Word of Life" Christians of Evangelical Faith Church, "Resurrection of Christ" Pentecostal Christians of Evangelical Faith Church, Evangelical Christians-Baptists Church, "New Generation" Christian Church; Other: Jehovah's Witnesses Community, Ascended Master Teachings Religious Organization

Statues and memorials: K. Marx and F. Engels, V.I. Lenin, Hero of the Soviet Union I.S. Chernykh Machine-Building Plant Workers Memorial, "Gormash" Plant Workers who fell in battles for the Motherland Monument, "Krasny Kuzbass" Miners who died on the fields of the Great Patriotic War Monument, "Courage" Monument, "Grieving Mother" Monument, Fellow Citizens - Heroes of the Soviet Union Stele

Museums: Local History Museum

Natural sites and parks: Gagarin City Park

Sports venues and clubs: Shakhter" Sports Complex, "Rodnik" Swimming Pool

Performance sites: "Rossiya" Cinema and Concert Hall, "Vostok" Culture and Leisure Centre, "Yubileinyi" Culture Centre

Entertainment sites: "Rossiya" Cinema, "Astoriya" Entertainment Complex, "Memphis" Nightclub

Restaurants of national cuisine: Sibir, Talisman (Russian, International), Pronto (Italian, Japanese)

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