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Ижевска Hotels (Udmurtiya republic)


Name: Izhevsk

Country: Russia

Time zone: GMT +4

Area: 315 sq. km

Population: 0,637 million (2014)

Founded in: 1760

Climate: mild continental

Average temperature: -15°C to -7°C in winter, +13°C to +25°C in summer

Area code: +7 (3412)

Airports: Izhevsk

Train stations: Izhevsk

Bus stations: Izhevsk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Alexander Nevsky Cathedral, St.Michael's Cathedral, Church of St.Elijah; Muslim: Izhevsk Cathedral Mosque, Iman Nury Mosque; Protestant: Philadelphia Church; Other confessions: Jehovah's Witnesses Church, Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, Society for Krishna Consciousness Church, Karma Kagyu School Buddhist Centre, Armenian Apostolic Church

Architectural landmarks: Armoury, Weapons Factory, Singing Fountain on Tsentralnaya Square

Statues and memorials: Peoples Friendship, Trokay Borisov, Crocodile, Mikhaylovskaya Column, Pushkin, Internationalist Warrior, Izhik, First Cosmonaut Dog Zvyezdochka

Museums: M.T. Kalashnikov Small Arms Museum & Exhibition Complex, Udmurt Republican Fine Arts Museum, Arts Museum, Post Office Museum, P.I. Chaykovskiy Estate Museum, Bread Museum

House-Museums: G. Krasilnikov House-Museum

Theatres: State Opera and Ballet Theatre, State National Theatre, State Puppet Theatre, State Russian Drama Theatre, Molodoy Chelovek Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Izhvesk City Pond Embankment, Gorky Summer Garden, Kirov Park

Expo centres: House of Architects, ISTU Exhibition Hall, Udmurtiya, Rakurs, Union of Artists Exhibition Hall

Sports venues and clubs: Izhstal Ice Palace (HC Izhstal), G.A. Kulakova Skiing Complex, Demidov Republican Biathlon Complex, Olimpiets Ice Rink, Burevestnik Health Complex

Performance sites: Udmurt Philharmonic Hall, Academic Chapel Choir

Entertainment sites: State Circus

Restaurants of national cuisine: Veranda, Dinastiya, Gorky, Oliviye, Kama

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