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Бобруйска Hotels (Mogilev region)


Name: Bobruysk

Country: Belarus

Time zone: GMT +3

Area: 90.02 sq km

Population: 0.215 million (2009)

Founded in: 1387

Climate: moderately continental

Average temperature: -1 °C to -8 °C in winter, +12 °C to +24 °C in summer

Area code: +375 (225)

Train stations: Bobruisk

Ports: river terminal (Berezina river)

Bus stations: Bobruisk

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Bobruisk Holy Myrrh-Bearer Convent, St.Elijah Church, St.George's Church, Nicholas Church of St.Sophia, St. Iver Church, Holy Spirit Church, St.Nicholas Cathedral; Catholic: Immaculate Conception of the Blessed Virgin Mary Church; Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Bobruisk fortress

Statues and memorials: Victims of Repression, Soldiers-Internationalists, Memorial Victory Square Complex, Bobruy

Museums: History Museum

Theatres: Dunin-Marcinkiewicz Mogilev Regional Drama and Comedy Theatre, Three Muses Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Culture and Leisure Park, Dubovsky Cascade Lakes Landscape Reserve (Telusha, 10 km from Bobruisk)

Expo centers: Exhibition Hall

Sports venues and clubs: Spartak Stadium (FC Belshina), Bobruisk Arena Sports Complex (Dynamo-Shinnik YHC), Lesnoy Water-Sports Complex, Helios Stadium

Performance sites: Arts Palace

Entertainment sites: Arena Circus Tent

Restaurants of national cuisine: Belorussian: Chyrvonaya Vezha

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