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Name: Almaty

Country: Kazakhstan

Time zone: GMT +6

Area: 339,36 sq km

Population: 1,4 million (2011)

Founded in: 1854

Climate: extremely continental

Average temperature: 0°C to -9°C in winter, +15°C to +30°C in summer

Area code: +7 (727)

Airports: Almaty

Train stations: Almaty-2

Bus stations: Sairan

Subway: 1 line; 7 stations

Religious buildings: Orthodox: Ascension Cathedral, St.Nicholas Church, St.Paraskeva Church, Epiphany Church, Christ the Saviour Church, St.Seraphim Iviron Convent; Muslim: Central Mosque, Ali Muhammed Mosque, Mekke Mosque, Nur Mubarak Mosque; Central Synagogue

Architectural landmarks: Government House, Reception House, TV Tower, Fountains

Statues and memorials: Abay Qunanbaiuli, M.Auezov, Raimbek Batyr, Abylay Khan, Independence Monument, Glory Memorial

Museums: Republic of Kazakhstan Central State Museum, Republican Book Museum, Ihlas Republican Musical Instrument Museum, Kasteev Republican Fine Art Museum, Railroad Museum

House-Museums of: M.Auezov, A. Baytursynov, D.Kunaev

Theatres: Abai State Academic Opera and Ballet Theatre, Auezov Kazakh State Academic Drama Theatre, Lermontov State Academic Russian Drama Theatre, Musrepov State Academic Juvenile and Youth Theatre, Republican German Drama Theatre, Natalia Sats State Academic Russian Juvenile and Youth Theatre, ARTiSHOCK Puppet Theatre

Natural sites and parks: Kok Tobe Park, Central Culture and Leisure Park, 28 Panfilov Troopers Park, First President’s Park, Almaty Reserve (Talgar, 25 km from Almaty), Grand Almaty Lake (28 km from Almaty), Besh Shatyr Necropolis (90 km from Almaty), Charyn State National Nature Reserve (200 km from Almaty)

Expo centres: Atakent

Sports venues and clubs: Central Stadium (FC Kairat), Medeo Sports Complex, Kairat Sports Complex (MFC Kairat), Sholan Sports Palace [21]

Performance sites: Zhambyl Kazakh State Philharmonic Hall, Kurmangazy Kazakh National Conservatory, Palace of the Republic, Almaty Concert Hall, Kazakhconcert, Reception House, Students Palace

Entertainment sites: Circus, Zoo, Fantasy World Amusement Park, Shymbulak Ski Resort (20 km from Almaty), Tabagan Ski Resort (Beskainar village, 23 km from Almaty)

Restaurants of national cuisine: Kazakh: Askar Tau, Keruen, Akniet, Gekku, TauMergen, Zhalyn, Barkytbel, Zheruyik, Issyk

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